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Hide Your Bloodstained Hands

by The Darker Hues

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Count to 9 02:35
fake communications deception like so many snakes hide those bloodstained hands can't help you dig out of this one by definition they're all fake hide your bloodstained hands lost all, meaning came rushing in, found everything bombs away, destroy civilians put a note on the windshield, like you gave a shit lost a postcard from a place where our shapes didn't fit what's your problem, children in cages ask your mother, ask your conscience times out, running now should have acted, said anything knives / are out / in hands / shaking I'll stand here, and wait for death are you ready to go? then go fake communications deception and we're filled with everything that's wrong with this world
Pity 02:33
it's on television we've been less than perfect for a long time now it's on television right, right, always right it's on television concealed brass tax collector it's on television pretense and delusions down lenses down we fall stay down we go around down lenses down no questions / let it go emotions / let it go new ideas / let it go the revolution / let it go this is really what you feel for when we fall we all stay down lenses down four letter word for sympathy, four letter word four letter word for sympathy, your lens is lost four letter word, four letter word it's on television our standards made so simply it's on television now our timings right, right, right down lenses down
Timing’s everything What you get’s what you bring You say it ain’t Right You take your sweet time Timing’s everything Little bird Broken wing Fly into the Night Take your own Life I can’t make this right for you I canst stop screaming the song are all sounding the same The silence you’re screaming the meaning is starting to fade And I can’t make this right for you Slow down Slow down Timing’s everything Pawn takes crooked king Fighting for what’s right Step into the knife I can’t make this right for you
Loose Blood 02:14
Joseph boo Wipe away the tears my love And I will wipe away the blood Before they find his broken heart We will steal your daddy’s car And don’t tell me it’s not the same I’ll follow you again and again leaving behind the bodies of those who’ve cared 1000 miles or maybe more Drive that care to distant shores We sharpen knives deep in the woods of unsuspecting neighborhoods And don’t tell me it’s not the same I’ll follow you again and again leaving behind the bodies of those who’ve cared And don’t feel bad for hearts we break We kill with knives Designed for steaks Leaving behind the bodies of those who... cared Wash the blood away And Sharpen the blades We make no mistakes Another city or town Hey turn the car around Another body was found Push me away I hit the ground The penetration And the pain I found Yeah dig a hole And lay me down I fell in love With the loose blood
scratching desire, like a valentine heart carved collections, years won't cast aside in his mind simple things won't pass through collected only two your lines cause you never noticed this time cause you never fail who thought to call you out on this paying the price of decency who put a stop to all the malice unspoken lies and bankruptcies its all right / she called out check your speed, 45 time runs short, for single sided times cause you never noticed these lines, cause it never fails who thought to call you out on this paying the price of decency who put a stop to all the malice unspoken lies and bankruptcies its alright / she called out dead, she's dead breaking down belief suspends we never mean it, it never ends yeah it's alright, she said it all comes out in the end no escape from the scars they're all defensive it's alright, she said she's dead
(words with no meaning) Joseph boo 2021 You’ll never escape The hell that you create The blood In Your mouth They should have sewn it shut That big idea You had, let you down Regrets to keep you Warm alone at night I fall I’ll fall again I called Then I walked you in fatal collision With a much bigger thing The wheels came right off The angels looked away This body is not me, I just drive It around got it for nothing, free! I’ll never, pay it off I saw the blood, and I saw the damage I saw the broken remains Of what I could have managed (Bridge) Break! Cut! Break! cut! Let’s go! Let’s go! Let’s get this show on the fucking road! Break! Cut! Break! cut! Let's go! Let’s go! These dancers are Solid gold! Break the spine Black car, take the ride Hey at least we tried Cut the skin And find yourself Inside being burned alive Oh Satan! your angels! out of my mind! She came onto me, Just like friction to fire in the end We shall all return To nothing I’m nothing You’re nothing 2 ton frustration I fall I stalled again Jump out the window For safety! For peace of mind! What killed him? The jump or what he saw? The impact or the fall? It made the mothers crawl Oh I wish you could be right next to me We could sit around and watch this whole world bleed


The last songs we wrote and managed to record before Joseph Boo moved to Japan.


released November 23, 2022

Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by J. Maas July 2019


all rights reserved



The Darker Hues Boston, Massachusetts

Hailing from Boston, MA, the Darker Hues blend styles of 90's era indie and post hardcore with a hint of garage overtones. The tongue-in -cheek motto "If they ain't doing it anymore, we are going to bring it back." sums up the group's ambition to reunite the passionate, edgy and sometimes chaotic beginnings of the post-hardcore genre to today's audiences. ... more

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